Ideal Supplies

Supplies of Ideal Co.

Because the word IDEAL is a generic English word, it is not well suited as a stand-alone company word or trademark. Many other companies used IDEAL as a trademark for their products.

Ideal Fountain Brush


The »first« Ideal Fountain Brush was not a product of Ideal Co. It was manufactured by Universal Fountain Brush Co.

  1. image: 1913 model
  2. image: ca. 1920 model
  3. image: ca. 1930 model

Handy Angle,
(Handy A)
Fountain Brush

ca. 1948

The first own fountain brush was introduced around 1948, the Handy Angle or in short Handy-A. Later followd by Handy-B (straight handle) and Handy-C (feather weight with Jet-Action).

Have a look at the excellent layout of the packaging. In the 1950s and 1960s, Ideal Co. did some great corporate design work.

  1. image 1-4: Handy-A with aged packaging ca. 1950

Ideal Stencil Ink

ca. 1951

Ideal introduced a complete line of black and colored fountain brush and metal marking inks.