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Contact is a non-profit website in memory of the Ideal Stencil Machine Company and is in no way associated with the former. According to our information, all trademarks containing the generic word IDEAL in the field of stencil cutting machines and their accessories have expired.

Unless otherwise noted, images from old trade journals and old advertisements are in the public domain or under fair use for scholarly work or in our private possession. Our intention is commentary, research, teaching, library archiving.

If you have additional information about Ideal Co. or its products that you would like to see published here, please us.

We are looking for copies of Ideals ephemera, advertising and direct mails.

In particular, we are looking for copies or scans of the early in house publication «The Ideal Salesman» and the customer booklets «Safeguarding Your Shipments» ca. 1917 and «Ideal Shipping Guide» ca. 1940 and the 1951 catalog entitled «The Ideal System for Shipment Marking».